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Private Endpoints - Ankr

Ankr’s RPC connections are the first stop for developers when creating decentralized apps and projects on Kava. With high-performance Kava nodes running worldwide, Ankr ensures your RPC requests and transactions on the network are served with leading reliability and speed. Get started with Ankr by following the guide below.

About Ankr

Ankr is an all-in-one portal to build Kava dApps and power them with globally distributed nodes boasting 100% uptime and ultra-low latency. Ankr is a proud partner of Kava, supporting the network with bare-metal RPC nodes for lightning-fast returns, and various tools to make development easy.

How To Sign Up and Start Using Ankr

Step 1: Create your free account at using your Email, Google account, GitHub account, or ETH Wallet address.

Step 2: Create your first project by following the guide in Ankr’s docs.

Step 3: Choose your RPC Service plan and finish setting up your account with Ankr’s Guide To Getting Started.

What Are Ankr’s Kava RPC Endpoints?

Ankr’s Kava RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) connect your dApp, command-line interface, or wallet with the Kava Network. They act as a messenger or blockchain router that relays on-chain information between Kava nodes, dApps, and ultimately end-users so they can execute necessary tasks like transactions, populate wallet balances, fetch ownership information, and much more.

Benefits of Using Ankr’s RPC Service

Building with Kava is an excellent choice for creating fast and scalable dApps but requires access to the information on Kava nodes to do so. Therefore, Ankr’s RPC solves the following developer troubles:

Eliminate Complex Node Ops: Ankr’s Kava RPCs will completely remove the need for developers to set up their own Kava nodes, removing hours of time spent building, calibrating, and fixing node issues.

Get Leading Performance & Tools: Ankr’s Premium RPC Plan instantly grants access to the best tools to build applications quickly, including:

  • At least 1,500 Kava req/sec
  • Dedicated Kava endpoints
  • Prioritized requests
  • WebSockets (WS) capabilities

Experience 100% Uptime To Power Kava dApps: Connect with a cluster of high-performance nodes that holds the information you need to build and operate dApps with Kava chain capabilities.

Leverage Ankr’s RPC ‘Projects’ Feature

Ankr’s ‘Projects’ feature is an advanced interface for managing your endpoints with Ankr to:

  • Create, delete, and freeze projects at will
  • Separate production and testing environments.
  • Delegate chains for different use cases (frontend usage, data dashboards, debug)
  • Organize your work in the ways that work best for you
  • Track your product metrics
  • Streamline Kava endpoint management
  • Customize security and access control
  • View enhanced analytics

Ankr’s RPC Plans Scale With You

Explore Ankr’s plans and choose one that matches your project’s needs.

  • Free: Get instant access to 40+ blockchain RPC endpoints, multiple node locations, low latency, archive requests, Batch requests, and support responses within 24 hours.

  • Premium Pay-As-You-Go: Receive private endpoints, telemetry, debug mode, Projects feature, IP whitelisting, high request priority, lower latency, WSS, Archive requests, and more.

  • Enterprise: Receive flexible request limits, custom chains, regional customization, engineering team support, and custom SLA.

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