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Parameters and genesis state

Paramaters define the rules according to which auctions are run. There is only one active parameter set at any given time. Updates to the parameter set can be made via on-chain parameter update proposals.

// Params governance parameters for auction module
type Params struct {
MaxAuctionDuration time.Duration `json:"max_auction_duration" yaml:"max_auction_duration"` // max length of auction
MaxBidDuration time.Duration `json:"max_bid_duration" yaml:"max_bid_duration"` // additional time added to the auction end time after each bid, capped by the expiry.
IncrementSurplus sdk.Dec `json:"increment_surplus" yaml:"increment_surplus"` // percentage change (of auc.Bid) required for a new bid on a surplus auction
IncrementDebt sdk.Dec `json:"increment_debt" yaml:"increment_debt"` // percentage change (of auc.Lot) required for a new bid on a debt auction
IncrementCollateral sdk.Dec `json:"increment_collateral" yaml:"increment_collateral"` // percentage change (of auc.Bid or auc.Lot) required for a new bid on a collateral auction

GenesisState defines the state that must be persisted when the blockchain stops/restarts in order for normal function of the auction module to resume.

// GenesisState - auction state that must be provided at genesis
type GenesisState struct {
NextAuctionID uint64 `json:"next_auction_id" yaml:"next_auction_id"` // auctionID that will be used for the next created auction
Params Params `json:"auction_params" yaml:"auction_params"` // auction params
Auctions Auctions `json:"genesis_auctions" yaml:"genesis_auctions"` // auctions currently in the store

Base types

// Auction is an interface to several types of auction.
type Auction interface {
GetID() uint64
WithID(uint64) Auction
GetEndTime() time.Time

// BaseAuction is a common type shared by all Auctions.
type BaseAuction struct {
ID uint64
Initiator string // Module name that starts the auction. Pays out Lot.
Lot sdk.Coin // Coins that will paid out by Initiator to the winning bidder.
Bidder sdk.AccAddress // Latest bidder. Receiver of Lot.
Bid sdk.Coin // Coins paid into the auction the bidder.
EndTime time.Time // Current auction closing time. Triggers at the end of the block with time ≥ EndTime.
MaxEndTime time.Time // Maximum closing time. Auctions can close before this but never after.

// SurplusAuction is a forward auction that burns what it receives from bids.
// It is normally used to sell off excess pegged asset acquired by the CDP system.
type SurplusAuction struct {

// DebtAuction is a reverse auction that mints what it pays out.
// It is normally used to acquire pegged asset to cover the CDP system's debts that were not covered by selling collateral.
type DebtAuction struct {

// WeightedAddresses is a type for storing some addresses and associated weights.
type WeightedAddresses struct {
Addresses []sdk.AccAddress
Weights []sdk.Int

// CollateralAuction is a two phase auction.
// Initially, in forward auction phase, bids can be placed up to a max bid.
// Then it switches to a reverse auction phase, where the initial amount up for auction is bid down.
// Unsold Lot is sent to LotReturns, being divided among the addresses by weight.
// Collateral auctions are normally used to sell off collateral seized from CDPs.
type CollateralAuction struct {
MaxBid sdk.Coin
LotReturns WeightedAddresses