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Kava-9 Upgrade Guide for Wallets, Explorers, and Exchanges

The Kava-9 Upgrade migrates the Kava blockchain from v0.39.x of the cosmos-sdk to v0.44.x of the cosmos-sdk. A full description of the v0.39 -> v0.40-42 REST changes can be found at:

Note: Kava engineers have implemented a custom POST /txs endpoint to preserve backwards compatibility (v0.42 -> v0.44 REST changes) for legacy encoded transaction:

Note: Cosmos, Terra, and Osmosis blockchains have also been upgraded to v0.44 of the cosmos-sdk. Changes needed to support those chains will apply to Kava as well.

For wallets, explorers, and exchanges, there are a few particular changes to be aware of:

Account data

Account data has been separated from balances data. In v0.15 of kava (kava-8), querying an account would return the following JSON, which contains both the account data and balance data:

curl /auth/accounts/kava173w2zz287s36ewnnkf4mjansnthnnsz7rtrxqc`

In v0.16 (kava-9):

curl /auth/accounts/kava173w2zz287s36ewnnkf4mjansnthnnsz7rtrxqc`

Note: The sequence field is now omitted from the response if an account has not signed a transaction.

To get the balance data, the /bank/balances endpoint must be used in addition to /auth/accounts:

curl /bank/balances/kava173w2zz287s36ewnnkf4mjansnthnnsz7rtrxqc`

Vesting Account Data

The address, account sequence and account number fields for periodic vesting accounts have moved:

In v0.15 (kava-8):

curl /auth/accounts/kava1z3ytjpr6ancl8gw80z6f47z9smug7986x29vtj
"height": "3",
"result": {
"type": "cosmos-sdk/PeriodicVestingAccount",
"value": {
"address": "kava1z3ytjpr6ancl8gw80z6f47z9smug7986x29vtj",
"coins": [
{ "denom": "ukava", "amount": "565077579" },
{ "denom": "usdx", "amount": "1363200" }
"public_key": null,
"account_number": "6",
"sequence": "0",
"original_vesting": [{ "denom": "ukava", "amount": "560159828" }],
"delegated_free": [],
"delegated_vesting": [],
"end_time": "1628213878",
"start_time": "1596677878",
"vesting_periods": [
"length": "31536000",
"amount": [{ "denom": "ukava", "amount": "560159828" }]

Note: address, account sequence and account number can be found at

  • .result.value.address
  • .result.value.sequence
  • .result.value.account_number

In v0.16 (kava-9):

curl /auth/accounts/kava1z3ytjpr6ancl8gw80z6f47z9smug7986x29vtj`

Note: address, account sequence and account number can be found at

  • .result.value.base_vesting_account.base_account.address
  • .result.value.base_vesting_account.base_account.sequence
  • .result.value.base_vesting_account.base_account.account_number

Legacy encoded transactions (POST /txs)

The Cosmos team found vulnerabilities in legacy transaction support and removed the [POST] /txs endpoints from v0.44.0 of the cosmos-sdk. To avoid this backwards incompatibility, kava-9 introduces a custom [POST] /txs endpoint that converts legacy (amino) transactions to the new proto encoding and broadcasts the converted tx. Implementation details can be found here.


The Kava Javascript-SDK has been updated to support kava-9, including the new [POST] /txs endpoint. This means that applications utilizing the Javascript-SDK can simply update:

npm i @kava-labs/javascript-sdk@latest